Introduction to the Association

People have been pursuing methods of maintaining health since ancient times. To achieve good health, one must first have a healthy body and a spirit full of vitality. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise the body and relax the mind, doing exercise every day to keep the mind clear and let the body, mind, and spirit achieve a harmonious balance. Among various forms of exercise, standing meditation and tai chi are excellent choices.

As a center dedicated to teaching and promoting health through exercise and healing of body and mind, the Sun Dragon Culture Association was formally established. The Association aims to become a non-profit organization that serves the community and promotes self-healing practices for the body, mind, and spirit. By teaching traditional Chinese martial arts, such as the Hulei Tai Chi, Xingyi Quan, Bagua Zhang, and Hong Quan, as well as health exercises, qigong, orthopedic therapy, and different forms of self-healing for the mind, members are able to improve and enhance their own health status, ultimately achieving a state of physical, mental, and spiritual balance and comfort, known as yin-yang balance and qi-channeling in Chinese culture.

The Association also warmly welcomes other instructors of mind-body-spirit practices to offer diverse courses that enable us to learn from each other and provide members with a wide range of classes.

Association Philosophy