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“Changing hands” is the first name of Bagua. Palm training is based on circles…. take a step forward. Excerpt from the <I Ching>, as Fu Xi’s, look up and observe the sky, look down at the laws of the earth, observe the suitability of animals, relationship between human nature and land, taken nearby our body and far away from universe. so it called “Bagua”. Afterwards, it was named as “Baguazhang”.

Li Mengrui, a well-known Baguazhang expert, described Baguazhang as “screw strength, endless layers, circles within circles, changes everywhere. Steps in the mud, scissors legs, as stable as sitting in a sedan chair. Changing positions are like clouds, and steps are like flowing water.”

Bagua is nèi jiā quán, and its exercises must be able to nourish qi. If you practice to fill enough with inner qi, you can use qi to stimulate strength. The so-called practice from force strength to qi strength. And practice Baguazhang with internal qi, this is “Ma” Sect Baguazhang was inherited by Ma Gui.

The sect uses thirty-six recipes in rhymes and forty-eight method formulas as the practice criteria, without infiltrating the theory of Tai Chi and Xingyi, so it is relatively pure. Practice stand-meditation before walking the palms, so as to obtain the effect of blood circulation and warm-up. “The Essentials of Walking Palms” is taught by our sect alone, and it is the most basic skill of Baguazhang. Once you get this essentials, other palms can be mastered.

                   Excerpted from <“Ma” Sect Baguazhang Volume 1>, written by Tu Xingjian

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Master Chan Tak Chuen

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