Course Introduction

Health Standing-meditation Exercise

Health standing-meditation exercise derived from the basic exercises of Xingyi Boxing, the movements are easy to learn, suitable for people of different ages for practicing at any venue and any time.  Because it has a specific posture and quick results, it is loved and respected by health care people.

Also, it strengthens bone density and muscle building, with great benefit to the organs and circulatory system of our body.

Through the correct method of exercise, the practitioners can improve their physical fitness in a short period of time, get rid of diseases and strengthen their body.

The process of standing-meditation exercise requires pranayama and adjust state of mind, and long-term practice can make people calm and concentrate their minds. So the Japanese called it as  “Standing Zen”.

Teaching Content:

Five health standing-meditation postures in half a year

Course Tutor

Master Daniel Yeung

Time Table

Date & Time

  •  4 lessons a month, one class per week (no make-up a missed class), tuition fee $1,000
  • Wednesdays are formal classes, Fridays are free to participate and practice, 09:00-10:00a.m.
    • Lai Chi Kok Park near the open-air square

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