Sun Dragon Culture Association Courses

The founding president, Master Daniel Yeung, personally teaches multiple Qigong classes, Xingyi Quan, and Huo Lei Tai Chi every month. He also invites other instructors to teach various courses, including Ma Guibaguazhang, “Self-healing and treatment,” English language classes, sketching and painting classes, and more. Sun Dragon Culture Association is a platform for promoting physical, mental, and spiritual health, and we rely on everyone’s active participation in our activities and courses. We look forward to seeing you soon at our association center.
#ClassesTutorsClass dateClass Time詳細內容 Class details
1Health Stand-Meditation ClassMaster Daniel YeungWednesday (formal class)
Friday (free to join)
09:00 - 10:00Learn More
2Xingyi Quan Beginner ClassMaster Daniel YeungWednesday & Friday10:00 - 11:30Learn More
3Hu Lei Tai Chi Quan Beginner ClassMaster Daniel Yeung1. Thursday morning

2. Friday afternoon

3. Saturday morning

4. Sunday night
1. 10:00 -11:30

2. 2:30 - 4:00

3. 10:00 -11:30

4. 7:00 - 8:30
Learn More
4Hu Lei/Xingyi Workshop
Master Daniel YeungSunday afternoon2:30 - 4:00Learn More
5Ma Gui BaguazhangMaster Chen Tak ChuenTBCTBCLearn More
6Qigong Meditation ClassMaster Ding JueSaturday night7:30 - 9:00Learn More
7Pure Land Dharma PracticeMaster Ding Jue 、 Master Rong YuanWednesday night7:30 - 9:00Learn More
8Buddhist classTuesday & Friday
9Healing, self-healingMs Linda WangThursday7:30 - 9:00Learn More
10English for Adults, Secondary & PrimaryMs Almond Kaltrina WongTBCTBCLearn More
11Professional Business SkillsMs Almond Kaltrina WongTBCTBCLearn More
12Painting Class for kids of 6-9Mr Sarkis WongTBCTBCLearn More
13Sketching & Drawing class for kids of 8-12Mr Sarkis WongSunday5:00 - 7:00Learn More
14Drawing Class for children of 10-16Mr Sarkis WongTBCTBCLearn More

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